Mechanism of Action

Osteoinduction (OI) is the process in which osteogenesis, the building of new bone, is induced.  Bone is a dynamic tissue, that is constantly being reshaped by osteoblasts, a cell responsible for production of a collagen protein matrix and its subsequent mineralization, and osteoclasts that are responsible for its resorption.  This balance of creation & destruction is influenced by mechanical loading, hormonal milieu, calcium levels, a number of pharmacological agents and various disease states.  
Sclerostin, a secreted extracellular protein produced by the mature osteocyte, acts by stopping new bone formation by binding to the LRP receptor (as discovered by Drs. Ellies and Krumlauf) on cells of the osteoblast lineage.  This action inhibits the Wnt signal, a pathway responsible for osteoblast proliferation and its bone formation activity.  OssiFi has identified, using proprietary assays, a number of small molecule compounds that selectively inhibit Sclerostin and modulate the Wnt pathway.  Work is underway to design an effective, biocompatible scaffold matrix with an optimal elution profile and surgical handling characteristics for OssiFi's     first-in-class small molecule OI bone graft substitute. 

Intellectual Property

OssiFi has an exclusive, worldwide license to commercialize OsteoGeneX's intellectual property in all respects for surgical (medical device-based) musculoskeletal therapies. 

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